In recent years the market for organic and natural products has faced an enormous boom, due to a growing awareness of health and environmental issues. It is a constantly growing number of concerned consumers, mainly in the industrialized countries of Western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia, etc. that are the cause of this development. Simultaneously the demand of high standards and integrity of origin is continuously increasing among the consumers.

Producers world-wide are therefore facing growing demands regarding quality, traceability, certification, reliability of delivery, and communication, agreements and logistics.

Who strives to be successful in this sector requires professional support - from the certification procedure, via implementation of a quality assurance system up to establishment of sustainable marketing structures.

This increasing demand for organically grown and natural products has also opened the doors for developing countries to export such products to the major markets. Governmental institutions of the producer countries as well as international development agencies have identified this trend in time. Both are developing policies and strategies to enhance and support these sectors. But also we of BIOHERB are proud to count to those consulting experts, who were successfully engaged in this sector as “First Mover” since long.

We possess extensive know how based on more than 20 years of practical experience in over 40 countries around the world. We are pleased to offer this know how when ever demanded.

Never hesitate to contact us directly.

Birgitt Boor, Managing Consultant